Óbidos Host First EPIC-WE Game Jam – Bringing Culture to Video Games

Approximately 30 undergraduate students from the Video Games program at Lusófona University participated in the first game jam of the EPIC-WE project, hosted in Óbidos. This initiative, integrated into the European EPIC-WE program, aims to demonstrate that young people can absorb European values through the creation of video games.

In the context of this project, the Óbidos Hub was established, a partnership between Lusófona University, the video game company Battlesheep, and the Municipality of Óbidos. Over four days, participants explored the medieval village of Óbidos to develop video games under the theme “Óbidos Creative City of UNESCO Literature.”

Conceição Costa, a researcher at CICANT at Lusófona University and coordinator of the Óbidos Hub, explained that the aim of these game jams is to allow young people to express Óbidos’ cultural heritage through video games.

The Óbidos Hub represents a collaboration between a higher education research partner (Lusófona University), a representative of creative industries (BATTLESHEEP), and a historical-cultural partner (the Municipality of Óbidos). Lusófona University plays a crucial role in coordinating the project, game training, and overseeing data collection.

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