Bridging the gender gap in gaming: a call to action from EPIC-WE 

In the gaming industry, where innovation and creativity converge, the gender gap is a persistent divide that threatens its diversity and inclusivity. As we celebrate International Women’s Day it’s imperative to confront this issue head-on. 

The recent study “Understanding the value of a European gaming society“, by EPIC-WE project partner KEA European Affairs, shed light on the stark realities of gender representation within the gaming industry. Despite its rapid growth and global influence, women remain underrepresented in various facets of game development, from design and programming to leadership roles within studios. This gender gap not only limits the diversity of perspectives in game narratives and gameplay but also perpetuates an environment where women may feel on the fringe or playing on an uneven playing feel 

EPIC-WE aims to harness the transformative power of game-making as culture-making to engage and empower diverse voices in shaping European culture and values. We firmly believe that games are not merely entertainment but a powerful medium through which we express, explore, and shape our collective identity, cultures and futures. 

By embracing the principles of “game as culture, through culture, and for culture,” we recognize the potential of games to serve as catalysts for social change and cultural enrichment. Through EPIC-WE, we want to cultivate an environment where ‘all of us’ from all backgrounds feel inspired and empowered to participate in game development, regardless of gender or other identifiers. 

Our commitment to bridging the gender gap in gaming extends beyond rhetoric; by fostering a culture of inclusivity and support, we not only aim to enrich the diversity of games themselves but also pave the way for a more equitable and vibrant gaming community. To foster and promote an ‘epic we’ and a culture of empowered participation for all. We’ve already begun to witness the fruits of this commitment during our first Cultural Game Jam in Aarhus, where both our onsite partners and participating youth observed a significant representation of women at the event.  

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